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About Coursmy

Coursmy is an Ed-tech startup focusing on delivery quality Video & Live Courses globally. We are implementing a web-based solution that aligns Students & quality educators on the same platform with enhanced features and improved experience as compared to the other platforms. We are a team of talented, passionate online learning community and platform creators, form visions of what a desirable online education platform with best learning experience. We are working on Blockchain model for content storage & security and for end users benefits. We are also developing a unique student learning curve with AI models.


Folks who made it possible.

Amit Singh

Founder & CEO

Biswajit Tripathy


Kapil Mittal

Business Consultant

Ajay Kumbhat

Advisor & Mentor

Product Development Team

Raju Singh

Project Manager

Prateek Saini

Software Engineer

Sneha Salil

Front-end Developer

Chirag Sukhala

Software Engineer Intern

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200+ educators are earning daily by hosting webinars on our platform.

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Coursmy is an online learning platform, which offers high-quality academic courses and world-class training programs from the world's best subject matter expert to learners in every country and to enterprises looking for a scalable and cost effective training solution for their employees.

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Coursmy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning. Connecting
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