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    Strong base of aerospace and mechanical engineering technology, prepare students for careers assembling, repairing, maintaining or operating space and aircrafts specializations in areas like structures, design, fluid dynamics, hypersonics, propulsions and space science., prepare students to become aerospace technicians, operations technicians and industrial engineering technicians.

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WHAT<\/span> <\/span>IS<\/span> <\/span>AEROSPACE<\/span> <\/span>ENGINEERING? <\/span><\/p>

Aerospace Engineering is a branch of Engineering that provides skills and knowledge to design, manufacture and maintain spacecrafts, aircrafts, missiles and weapons systems. A large part of Aerospace Engineering consists of Mechanical Engineering covering a wide range of topics, including computer application, structures, mathematics, physics, drafting, electricity, robotics, aeronautics etc. <\/p>

HOW<\/span> <\/span>I<\/span> <\/span>FIND<\/span> <\/span>AEROSPACE<\/span> <\/span>TECHNOLOGY<\/span> <\/span>IS<\/span> <\/span>GOOD<\/span> <\/span>CAREER<\/span> <\/span>FOR<\/span> <\/span>ME? <\/span><\/p>

Professionals who work as an aerospace worker conduct research, and design and develop vehicles and systems for atmospheric and space environments. Individuals who have the proper educational background, possess good communications skills, and are committed to being part of a team achieve successful career in Aerospace filed. A successful aerospace career fields offers opportunities for high job satisfaction and excellent compensation. <\/p>

HOW<\/span> <\/span>DO<\/span> <\/span>YOU<\/span> <\/span>KNOW<\/span> <\/span>IF<\/span> <\/span>I<\/span> <\/span>CAN<\/span> <\/span>PURSUE<\/span> <\/span>AN<\/span> <\/span>AEROSPACE<\/span> <\/span>CAREER? <\/span><\/p>

Please check your chances for success by answering these questions: Do you enjoy math and science?<\/p>

Do you have an inquisitive and searching mind?<\/p>

Do you like to solve problems and puzzles? <\/p>

Do you enjoy working with computers? <\/p>

Do you like to build things?<\/p>

If you are agreed with most of the question, than you may want to consider an aerospace career. <\/p>

HOW<\/span> <\/span>I<\/span> <\/span>SEE<\/span> <\/span>ME<\/span> <\/span>IN<\/span> <\/span>10<\/span> <\/span>YEARS<\/span> <\/span>IN<\/span> <\/span>AEROSPACE<\/span> <\/span>CAREER? <\/span><\/p>

The world will continue to need aerospace scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians to be ready for the 21st century. <\/p>"]

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